Looking for a little extra help?

Not everyone is ready to make the move to live with us at 'Ano'ano Care Home. We have therefore created a home care service that provides you 'Ano'ano's care, friendship and support at home. Allowing you to age in place with confidence and the support you need. 


Our trained, verified and trustworthy representatives are able to offer varying levels of care as you navigate your golden years while being able to monitor situations and support as needs arise.


Cleaning, Cooking, Painting, Repairs, Plumbing, or Yard Work? Our full-service system supports you in most of your daily activities and even those that you no longer want to tackle alone.  We are here to help.


The importance of mental, emotional, and physical support cannot be neglected. Sometimes a couple hours of company and friendship can make all the difference in helping you age in place. 

How Simply It Works


We schedule a time to meet preferably in person or over the phone to assess your needs and gain an understanding for your goals. 


We create a schedule with you for a qualified Care Agent to visit your home to assist you in meeting your goals. We have hourly, weekly, monthly, or annual plans available.


Our Care Agents enter your home and assist you based on the plans we have set. All care is carefully documented with reports sent to you and/or your family each month. 

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Why Home Care?

Time with our loved ones should be meaningful and cherished. The skilled work of giving care is something that 'Ano'ano is able to expertly provide while you are able to enjoy the golden years together.

family members report spending up to 20hrs/wk in giving care to their Elders. 77% report having to skip work to do so
— 2016 Genworth Report
the average period of care given to Elders in-home is 3 years. during this period 50% of caregivers report losing up to 33% of their income.
— 2016 Genworth Report


How does Home Care differ from Home Health?

What services do you provide in Home Care?

We want to go on vacation but need someone to keep an eye on Mom/Dad while we are gone. What can we do?

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*'Ano'ano Home Care is not registered to and does not provide Home Health Services.